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The Fashion Evolution of Instagenic Senior Couple bonpon511 (Part 2/3)


− You posted a picture where you were wearing a sweater and skirt from over 20 years ago.

pon: Yes, in this picture. (Posted on Instagram on March 5, 2017)
bon: We used to also shop at second hand stores. They have a lot of items that you can wear regardless of the trends.
pon: I don’t like to be too fussy about special cleaning either. I usually just send our pieces to the dry cleaner at the end of each season.
bon: We had quite a lot of space when we lived in Akita, because we had a whole house to ourselves. We never were forced to throw things away because we had a lot of closet space, but we got rid of a lot of stuff after our move.
pon: But we still have a lot to get rid of.

− If I was to describe pon’s style in 1 word, I feel like it’s crewneck blouses.

pon: To be completely honest, I had become unsure what style would suit me once my hair started turning grey. Our daughter was a fan of COMME de GARCONS, so I “borrowed” some of her clothes on day, and I knew that this was the kind of style for me. Especially once I added some red lipstick to bring it all together. There are a lot of these kinds of blouses at COMME des GARCONS, but they are quite pricey. So the closest thing that I found were these school uniform-inspired tops.

− And it’s been no turning back.

pon: That’s right. I buy most of them online. You can find so many options if you search for “school blouse” online. A lot of the fashions that I like, not just CdG, but other brands are expensive as well, so I try to find similar silhouettes online.


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