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The Fashion Evolution of Instagenic Senior Couple bonpon511 (Part 2/3)


No one is better at making Uniqlo look like serious fashion than Japanese couple bonpon511. Their signature style of perfectly coiffed grey hair and black-rimmed glasses, paired with monotone fashions with a hint of red or blue, is straight out of a scene in Dick Bruna’s “Miffy” series.

In this second part of our interview with the couple, we talk about their distinct style and fashion, from the style faux pas of yesteryear to their current curated look.


− You guys are always so well dressed in your Instragram posts. Did you two always have this flair for fashion?

pon: We’ve always had similar sense in clothes, but we only started matching since starting our Instagram account. We didn’t want to wear exactly the same thing, but rather have a common link between our two outfits.
bon: Like today, both of our socks are red.
pon: You could almost say that red is our trademark splash of color.
bon: And we’ve always had a penchant for traditional, collegiate style of clothing.


− Do you plan your outfits in advance?

bon: We usually decide what to wear each morning on the day. My wife has a much bigger wardrobe than I do, so once she decides what to wear, I’ll pick out sometime that matches with her.
pon: I try and keep mixing it up. If I notice that we’ve been posting a lot of monochromatic looks, I’ll throw in a bright color or two.
bon: Also, we’ll try and match our surroundings if we go out somewhere.
pon: Like when we wore blue to the beach the other day.

− That must make going out even more fun.

pon: Our daughter loves fashion too. She likes to match up her outfits when we go to see a movie or an exhibition at the museum. Even before we started posting on Instagram, we’d often dress up as a family.
bon: You could even go as far as to call it cosplay.
pon: We kept it colorful and cute when we went to the Miffy exhibition.

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