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The Senior Fashion Couple of Instagram! Interview with the adorable bonpon511 (Part 1/3)


ー When did you start to feel that you’ve moved into the public eye?

pon:We didn’t notice any change in the beginning. It wasn’t until Yahoo! News ran a story on us.
bon:I was actually just about to retire at that time. Some of my coworkers and clients told me they saw me on Yahoo! At the time I just played it off, but now I feel we are recognized quite often.
pon:We talked about how we couldn’t walk around town quarreling like some couples our age do. [laughs] bon:I can’t make a quick trip to the store in my pajamas anymore. [laughs] pon:It’s quite different from the life we’ve led until now, so it’s still a bit surprising.
bon:It’s something totally expected - a bolt from out of the blue.

ー What inspired to you start Instagram in the first place?

pon:Actually it was our daughter. (Instagram account: @may_59) She would post pictures of us when we would go on family outings on her personal account.
bon:She got so many likes on those posts - much more than she expected.
pon:After that, she suggested to us “Why don’t you start a couples account?” and we started in December of last year. But I had been using Instagram since 2011, running an account where I uploaded pics of our cute cats. (@nikodango). So I was familiar with how to use the app.
bon:We just kinda started on a whim, so I didn’t expect this reponse.


ー Its been quite a rapid rise, hasn’t it?

pon:It started around March of this year, when some Singaporean and Taiwanese media introduced our account.
bon:We’ve gotten a few offers from overseas media for interviews after that, but we’ve turned them all down because we can’t speak English.

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