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The Senior Fashion Couple of Instagram! Interview with the adorable bonpon511 (Part 1/3)


When we first introduced bonpon511 in our article in March, they had around 70,000 followers on Instagram. Shortly afterward, they shot up to 300,000, and as of now they have over half a million fans from all over the world. We sat down with the couple behind bonpon511; Bon - the husband, and Pon - the wife.

Our article on this fashionable couple in their 60’s remains one of the most accessed on our site, even after its publication 4 months ago. We can only assume that their fans can’t get enough of them, and are looking after more information on the suave couple. After all, you can only write so much in an Instagram comment.

So, we went up to visit the couple who recently moved from Akita to Sendai, to get all the details on their Instagram game. We ended up talking for over 90 minutes! There was such an abundance of fun talk and sweet stories, they we are going to break up the interview in 3 parts - including pictures of course! In this first section, bonpon511 talks about the response from their fans on Instagram and how that affects their daily life, as well as some of the tips they use to get the best shot for social media.


ー It’s only been about a half a year since you started your Instagram account in December 2016, but you’ve gained such a following so quickly.

pon:It’s been such a surprise. We’ve gotten requests for interviews from Internet media, television stations, even book publishers! Sometimes when we walk around town, people will tell us that they follow us online.
bon:I think that’s just when we’re together. When I am alone, no one would recognizes me.
pon:When we’re together, we visually make a statement. People will come up to us at least once a day.
bon:It’s increased since we’ve moved to Sendai. We didn’t get as much attention in Akita.
pon:There’s much more people using Instagram in Sendai. We even get complimented by people from overseas!

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